Marvellous Masks

As part of their DT learning, and to fully launch our Amazing Africa topic, the children were each given an African tribe to research.

Daffodil Class researched the Dans Tribe

Puffin Class researched the Teke Moon Tribe

Sycamore and Squirrel Class researched the Biombo Tribe.

After finding out some interesting facts about their Tribe, the children went on to design and make their very own masks from cardboard, paint and special coloured pens. The results were phenomenal. Take a look for yourself below!


Delightful Dancing

As part of our ‘Amazing Africa’ topic. the children learnt a tribal song and dance which Daffodil Class then went on to perform in their class assembly. Everyone was so impressed by their incredible dance moves as well as their clear and confident singing! Well done Daffodil Class! Check out the video below!



Our New Topic is … AFRICA!

As we enter a new year and a new term, we also begin a new topic. We’ve waved goodbye to Superheroes and said a huge hello to Africa! To launch this amazing new topic, the children had a DT day where they were assigned an African tribe to research. Once the research had been completed, the children looked at the mask that belonged to their given tribe, and designed their own in that style before attempting to make it from cardboard.

First, the children cut out the facial features that were evident on the traditional mask.

Next, they carefully glued on the facial features to give the masks a 3D effect.

Finally, the children chose paints that were a similar colour to those used in their tribe, and painted their masks

Make sure to come back and visit the Year 2 Blog soon to see the finished tribal mask masterpieces!

Greater Than, Less Than and Equal to

This week in their Maths learning, the children have been comparing numbers using the language of greater than, less than and equal to, alongside the mathematical symbols < > and =. To help them remember this new concept, the children likened the symbols to greedy crocodiles who always want to eat the greatest number! Take a look at some of the marvellous work that Sycamore Class completed!



Super Shape and Symmetry

In their Maths learning, the children have been looking at shape and symmetry. They began by exploring 2D shapes, identifying the properties of each one (such as the number of edges and vertices) and then recorded their findings in a table.

The children also used mirrors to explore symmetry. Something is symmetrical when it is the same on both sides. A shape has symmetry if a central dividing line (a mirror line) can be drawn on it, to show that both sides of the shape are exactly the same.



During Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar lessons, the children have been learning how to use commas in a list. Commas look like full stops with tails. They are used to separate items when writing a list such as a shopping list. For example,  apples, bananas, plums and pears. The last two items in a list must always have the word ‘and’ in between them.  Take a look at some of the lists that Puffin Class created!