Superhero Day

The children really enjoyed Superhero day. They came to school dressed as their favourite Superhero and even got to go on a magical adventure to Party Land with Super Dooper … A real life Superhero. Together they tried to save Party Land from the evil Big Bopper! A great day was had by all.


We will remember …

As part of their homework, the children in Year 2 were asked to show what Remembrance Day means to them. All of the grown ups in the year group (and in other year groups!) have been impressed by the children’s maturity and sensitivity surrounding the day and were completely blown away by the outstanding work produced. Take a look at a few examples below.

Perfect Poetry

As part of their homework before the half term holidays, the children were asked to learn a poem to perform to their class. The grown ups were all really impressed with how wonderful the poems were and how beautifully the children read them. A big well done to everyone!

Fire Safety in Year 2!

On the last week before the half term, Year 2 were lucky enough to have Stopsley Fire Service come in to visit them. The fire crew spoke about their job, dressed the children up and even taught them a rhyme all about how to stay safe! What a great day it was!

Fire safety rhyme

Matches, lighters, never touch

They can hurt you very much!

Monster Maths

This week, the children have been looking at place value (the value each digit holds in a number) in Maths. They  created their own expanding place value monster – Their monster needed them to first write down their number, then build it using dienes, write down how many tens and ones were in the number before writing down the expanded version of the number e.g. 76 = 70 +6, 99 = 90 + 9. Don’t the monsters look fabulous!