Fire Safety in Year 2!

On the last week before the half term, Year 2 were lucky enough to have Stopsley Fire Service come in to visit them. The fire crew spoke about their job, dressed the children up and even taught them a rhyme all about how to stay safe! What a great day it was!

Fire safety rhyme

Matches, lighters, never touch

They can hurt you very much!

18 thoughts on “Fire Safety in Year 2!

      1. Absolutely Damilola, you must only ever call 999 if there is a real emergency! πŸ™‚
        Miss O’Donovan

    1. You have been able to listen every time fantastic you know what to do you have to call 999 when a fire is in your house if it’s a nautical don’t go back to the station you call them again or maybe call the police good listening everybody.

      1. They hurt because they burn down very quickly Samuel and can burn your fingers. They can also cause fires! Grown ups use them carefully as they understand the danger involved in using them, whereas children may not.
        Miss O’Donovan πŸ™‚

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